Soju Man Designs Now Available at The Hungry Ghost Artspace in Nottingham!

Soju Man Designs Now Available at The Hungry Ghost Artspace in Nottingham!

Starting April 1st – no, we’re not kidding - Soju Man Designs will be selling our products at The Hungry Ghost Artspace!

Based in Cobden Chambers in the popular area of Hockley in Nottingham, the space is designed to support creative entrepreneurs. It also provides a platform for emerging artists, designers, and makers to showcase their work.

The Hungry Ghost is a hub for creativity, innovation, and collaboration - the ideal location for the unique features of our t-shirts and other apparel to reach a wider audience! So exciting, we can’t wait.


One of the standout aspects of Soju Man Designs is its emphasis on Korean typography and design. It’s on all of our Tees, hoodies, hats and vests, and is a tribute to the beauty and complexity of the Korean language. At The Hungry Ghost we hope to connect with a community of innovative individuals who are looking for something different and appreciate our exclusive designs.

If you're in Nottingham and looking for a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe, come and check out Soju Man Designs at The Hungry Ghost.


***We'll also be trading at The Hungry Ghost market on the first Saturday of every month through summer 2023***


Check out the Soju Man Designs collection.

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