The Inspiration Behind Soju Man Designs: Superhero Style and What Happens next in the Story

The Inspiration Behind Soju Man Designs: Superhero Style and What Happens next in the Story

Soju Man Designs started out with three distinct designs. Over the next few blogs, we’ll talk about the inspiration for them and how the designs may develop in the future. Click here for a bit more background on Soju Man Designs.

And here for the first in the series featuring the Traditional Soju Man Design.


Second in the series is Superhero Soju Man - the brainchild of designer Jae (find his Instagram profile here).

Comic book featuring the Superhero Soju Man

As part of the tender that was put out, designers were asked to describe what they thought of when they heard the words ‘soju man’, and also talk about any potential ideas for bringing the character to life on a T-shirt. Here are some of Jae’s initial suggestions.

  • He doesn’t have to be a hero – perhaps even a villain or something in between like ‘Deadpool’.
  • Is alcohol a good fit with a superhero?
  • Could his nemesis be ‘Dr. Pork Belly’?
  • Soju Man might be presented in a comic book style.
  • People don’t want to wear T-shirts that stand out too much. The graphics should be something they are familiar with.

Some interesting ideas, I think you’ll agree. And together we fleshed this out over video chats, which included putting the South Korean flag on Soju Man’s socks, the sunglasses, and making him an athletic-looking character. The open shirt also hints at costume underneath in the style of ‘Superman’.

Silver T-shirt of Superhero Soju Man design

I thought the comic book was a wonderful starting point, and a way of telling Soju Man’s story. What do you think might happen next? I guess the options are endless. As the designated driver, is he rushing to give some friends a ride home? Does Dr. Pork Belly have a fiendish plan to stop him?

Let us know in the comments below about where you would like the story to go.


"Better call for help now. I'll be asleep in the middle of the road later."


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